“Don’t Look Back’ FULL MOON in Pisces 1st/2nd Sep 2020 w/ Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

This Pisces Full Moon heralds the turning of the tide! 

Finally, it’s time to close this karmic cycle OUT! 

And just like with Orpheus, alighting from the Underworld, the message is ‘Don’t look back!’

September is a powerful month for shifting gears, out from the grief-death-loss-endings- phase of ‘The Hero/ine’s Journey’ and into ‘The Emergence (Re-Birth) Phase’, where our Hero/ine begins their journey towards ‘The New Belonging’.

So why close out this mega karmic cycle now? Because over the upcoming month, the big three- Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, are all turning direct:

  • 12th/13th Sep: Jupiter direct 
  • 29th Sep: Saturn direct 
  • 4th/5th Oct: Pluto direct 

This is a massive collective wave- a psychological tsunami, that’s about to uplift us all, out of the nadir (lowest ebb) and into a new aeon.

The newly emerging snake does not go looking for its old skin and attempt to slither into it again. “No!” That shabby old skin suit is mostly shrivelled and half turned to dust. Eww! Leave it and move on. Your re-newed skin self, as delicate and sensitive as it is, is glistening and beautiful 😉

I’ve spoken a number of times, in previous videos, about, what a delicate operation the early days/ weeks/ months of the ‘emerging phase’ can be. Most notably because:

We can regress and slip back into the old ways, habits, fixes and fantasies and with it, get trapped in a cycle of suffering. Yes, the Capricorn, ‘Devil’ (Temptation) card, is still in play.

Our ego can seize or ‘lay claim’ to our newly found sense of wellness and start to declare itself a ‘Super Saint Success Star of Inordinate Invincibility’ and in so doing, jeopardise the whole karmic-healing-developmental process we’ve been in, by taking foolish risks, usually by overestimating our strengths.

As well, we can get stuck in the grieving process, in that we may not want to let go of the deeper, darker states and processes. Grieving may have become our ‘comfort zone’ and with it we may have become attached to the process and possibly even identify with it. 

It’s for this 3rd reason, that I’ve decided to call ‘last drinks’ on this Pisces Full Moon and do my best to prepare you to:

roundup the (grieving) process over the coming 4-6 weeks, if you haven’t already!

take note: Jupiter turns Direct on Sep 9th, so we can expect to start a new cycle of growth and expansion in our work and business pursuits and all manner of exciting enterprises. The question is, “What is it, that you aspire to?”

turn in the direction of that which feels open, free and expansive (purpose, dharma)

get out of your comfort zone 

have faith and

take the upgrade

call on your allies for support to keep you moving/ facing forward 

enjoy opening up to the new

recognise the signs and synchronicities Spirit is giving you, to call you forth

The Hero/ine’s Journey is not just the blueprint of many of our favourite myths, movies and fairy tales. It’s primarily the schema of shamanic ‘rites of initiation’, usually in the form of ‘ritual ordeals’. And like with all shamanic journeys, the process has a clear and distinct – beginning, middle and end. 

So for better or worse, for those of us that have been consciously traversing the heavy karmic transits of 2019/2020 and have been clearing old, old ‘out-of-alignment’ patterning, it’s time to finish! YaY! And focus ahead. Just as Mars in Aries is about to turn retrograde for 10 weeks (9th Sep- 14th Nov 2020)

And we have some help on the way, care of the Pisces Full Moon opposite the Virgo Sun with Uranus Rx in Taurus in support, making a trine to the Sun, and a sextile to the Moon. 

This is a perfect setup for this whole month of September to be the month of decluttering our psyche and defragging our energy body.

In true ‘hygienic and healthful’ Virgo style, we may want to affect all kinds of daily, seasonal or annual rituals (nicely timed with the Equinox) to help us detox the past, at the mental/physical/somatic/material level- ‘spring clean’, de-clutter your space, de-tox, ground, repair/ sew/ darn, practice yoga or any other daily rites of wellness.

And with the shimmering ethereal energies of the Pisces Full Moon, this is a beautiful time to wash clear any remnants from the past by way of psychic ablutions- blessings, prayers, flower essences, flower baths, ritual of cleansing/ showering/ swimming, water fasting.

If anything comes to your heart-mind that creates stress or strain in regards to the past, do your best to bless it. Give thanks! For there’s certainly things to be grateful for, especially in that whatever came before led you to this moment of mystery, renewal and empowerment. 

This is a good month to turn the tides out from fear and into appreciation! 

Uranus retrograde is like a ‘defrag’ on our energy/body/mind technology. Ideally, routinely we run a ‘defrag’ (de-fragmentation) process on our computer’s hard drive. With it, all the useless ‘bits and bobs’ of data, that clog up the hard drive, are swept clear. This creates space on the hard drive, so the computer works faster, more efficiently and gives us more room for new data and new programmes. 

This September, like every September, because it’s Virgo time and an Equinox month, is the perfect time to do your fasts, do your cleanses and do your detoxes. Though this year especially, focus on clearing out any remnants of past karma/dramas- psychic detox!

Part of the defrag too, I believe, is to get clear on the effects interfacing with technology is having on us- bluescreens, artificial light etc… as well as the effect of the contents of that which we are interfacing with or passively receiving, especially social media, news, television etc.. What effect is all of this having on you and your process of renewal? 

There’s a lot of heavy chaos going on in the airwaves these days, especially in that Mars, Eris and Lilith have been hanging out together. 

Mars- god of war

Eris- goddess of chaos, strife, and discord

Lilith- goddess of primal sexual, sovereign power

The temperaments of these god/desses combined are a recipe for, a raging inferno of primal, aggressive, warring and oppositional energies. And that’s not all folks! Mars/Eris/Lilith have been and still are squaring Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, which in brief, represent:

the crumbling edifices of the old facades

at a macro level, ‘the patriarchy’

and all those and the institutions that would represent that ‘power block’. 

Make no mistake about it, no matter what, ‘the top of the pyramid players’ seemingly represents, whether it’s religion or education or the government, those at the top are only interested in one thing and that’s, ‘the game of power’. That’s all that’s happening! 

Unfortunately, we are programmed by it all- the conditions of the dominant paradigm. And are controlled and manipulated through it, chiefly by fear. 

You’ve got to know that if you’ve got any fear in your system, then you can be controlled. 

Look at last’s week’s RNC convention (or maybe not, it was very weird). But anyway, the whole thing was just fear. Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! A very strange and empty circus of nightmare making. Adam Curtis produced a documentary series on just this topic, ‘The Power of Nightmares’ in 2004. It’s up on YouTube, take a look! It’s worth familiarising yourself with the power, control and fascism playbook. Primarily, the whole idea is to control people, through fear. In this way powerful, regressive forces work on colonising our psyches, to the point where we believe that we are living in a world that’s full of threats and violence, (see ‘The Cold War’, ‘Axis of Evil’ etc..). A world where we are encouraged to distrust our neighbour and surrender all our faith and service to our tyrant commanders, whilst they seize all power, wealth and dominion. “Welcome to Fascism!” 

Ha ha… “Fear not!”, says Jupiter turning direct. “Would you believe, that the antidote to fascism is happiness? If you are well within yourself and abide in joy and happiness- you cannot be controlled. Yes, right there, the revolution will be a happy one 😉 (NB: This comment needs greater explanation but for now try this one at a micro level).

Without going too much into the madness and chaos that’s being evoked with 3 raging and volatile Aries planets, all in square to 3 decaying, hostile and rigid Capricornian planets, it’s worth noting just how confounding, confusing and off putting all this warring and resistance energy is. And that’s probably because of the square aspect. Squares are full of psychological tension and right now, a whole lotta ‘What tha?” 

Squares are a 90-degree aspect. To understand something of what this might mean metaphysically, imagine if you were looking straight ahead. It would be very hard to perceive what was going on at a 90-degree angle. Squares come at us from ‘left field’ or activate our ‘blind spots’. Is it any wonder that the battle lines are impossible to decipher in the current havoc that’s being wrought. 

So, why I bring this to your attention is because:

I don’t want you involved in any of it if you’re coming through this healing process, I want you to stay in a ‘space’ within yourself that is prioritising you and your health and your well-being. In other words, ‘Choose you’. It’s a really big one for this healing process. 

“I choose myself again and again and again. 

I choose my alignment with Source, again and again and again.” 

Even if we choose to stay out of the more overt and gross ways these archetypal energies may play out, they will still play out through us one way or another. As I’ve mentioned above, ‘squares’ in and of themselves are riddled with psychological tension, let alone this particular planetary patterning being particularly stressful, to put it mildly. What this means is that we may be overcome with bouts of fear, anxiety, stress, distress, confusion (conflict), rage, blame, shame, guilt, angst, resistance, darkness etc… 

And well, to put some ‘Jupiter going direct’ spin on this energy, this upcoming month is a great time to catch ourselves in the act of falling prey to old ‘conditioned responses’ and undue reactionary and defensive postures and practice some ‘deep listening’. In this way, we can attune to the more subtle shifts in our being that take us out of alignment and into fear energy (contraction/tightening/restriction/constriction/stuck/blocked/ low frequency- blame, shame, criticism, violence, rage etc…) and ‘turn the tides’ on all of this by switching out of fear and into appreciation energy (open, embracing, accepting, flowing, allowing, enjoying etc..). It’s a fabulous practice and possibly/ probably a whole lot easier to practice in peace, stillness and spaciousness. ( defrag massive) 

I leave this article here. If you would like to hear more about all of this, check out the video, “Don’t Look Back”. 

Also, I have a LIVE Presentation/Q&A Zoom event coming up on Sep 9th (the day Mars goes retrograde) called, ‘Get Ready for Mars Rx’. To find out more and book your place, click on this link to my (under construction) website https://rebrand.ly/get-ready-for-mars-rx

With all my Heart,

Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess



Coming up: 

9th Sep 2020  ‘Get Ready for MARS RETROGRADE’ – special, one-off ZOOM event- Presentation from Kirilly & Q&A


16th Sep – 19th Nov 2020  10 week online workshop ‘Get Ready & Steady in your Alignment, with MARS RETROGRADE’.

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Hera Nova
3 years ago

Beautiful as always, thank you Priestess!

Hera Nova
3 years ago

every September, because it’s Virgo time and an Equinox month, is the perfect time to do your fasts, do your cleanses and do your detoxes

I did not know this! I’ve been feeling less hungry overall and craving herbal tea <3 Guess my body knows haha.

Hera Nova
3 years ago

Are the September/ March balance points the same for all hemispheres?

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