Astrology Reading


The 45 minute reading is a
quick fire Q&A session
Brief and to the point


The 60 minute reading is an
opportunity to focus

One or Two Explorations


The 90 minute reading is the standard reading. Ideal for an
in-depth reading


1. What shall I bring to the reading?

Answer: Bring your birth details

An example of someone’s birth deatils: Jane Smith  23/08/1990  Knoxville, Tennessee, USA  11:18am

  • Birthdate Day / Month / Year eg:13th May 1974 or 13/05/74
  • Birthplace Town / State / Country eg: Maroubra (suburb), New South Wales (state), Australia (country)
  1. Town or village or suburb or small city such as Ottawa
  2. State or Province or Region if applicable
  3. Country
  • Time of Birth Exact birth time eg: 00:04 or 12:17pm or 16:35

** Dear friends born in the USA to save on confusion, please:

  • write your birthday in the ‘Day / Month / Year’ format
  • and write the full name of your State, such as Illinois, not IL.

2. What if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

Answer: Do your best to find out

  • Ask a parent/care giver or family member what time you were born exactly (or as near an exact time as possible)
  • If they don’t know your exact time of birth, do your best to find out your birthing story
  • Ask leading questions to get a sense of the timeline, such as, “Was it day or night?”, “When did you leave to go to the hospital”, ” Where was Dad?” etc.. Go for it! Be a fabulous detective!
  • Check any baby mementos like baby hospital wrist tags, baby books or baby photos (Australia)
  • Check birth certificates (USA)
  • Order hospital records. Many hospitals that have long closed in multiple countries, have archives that can be accessed usually for a small fee of around $30

3. Can I still  have an astrology reading without the exact time of birth?

Answer: Yes

Even without an exact birth time the astrology reading is still jam packed with goodness.

Kirilly is an adept intuitive that can attune to your heart and chart as well as can read your chart technically.

4. What kind of questions can I ask for my reading?

Answer: You can ask just about anything

You can:

  • ask specific questions pertaining to the past, present & future
  • ask questions about your inner world & psyche
  • or questions that about external matters, events, people and places
  • inquire as to general areas of life such as career, relationships or any life situations of interest
  • Alternatively, you might like to simply sit back and enjoy receiving an astrology reading guided by the stars
  • Or enjoy a mix of all of the above

Your birth chart
is a symbolic map

of where the planets were
when you were born


It acts as a
holographic portal
into your soul essence and
soul’s greatest expansion

5. Can I inquire about a relationship?

Answer: Yes!

You can inquire about

  • One on one relationships such as your partner, friend, flat mate, co-worker, etc..
  • Groups of people such as a travel cohort or new business team
  • Non-human entites such as a business or an asset class like cryptocurrency.
  • As long as you know the birth details of the other people or inception chart of the entity

6. What type of astrology readings are available?


The ‘Soul Journey’ reading is

  • an in-depth look at your soul’s journey
  • from ‘past life’ influences, including your (ancestral) karma,
  • through to your ‘North Star’ (dharma, liberation).
  • Brings awareness and meaning to your greatest challenges
  • And gives guidance on how to get out of the comfort zone and into the wild unknown of your soul’s greatest expansion.

Astrologically speaking, the soul journey reading is an in-depth look at your Moon’s Nodes (aka, ‘The North Node’ and ‘The South Node’)

Kirilly thoroughly recommends the soul journey reading for a first time, in-depth 90 minute reading.


Knowing your birth chart is a must for this wild ride we call LIFE!
Your birth chart is a symbolic map of where the planets were when you were born and acts as a holographic portal into your soul essence and soul’s greatest expansion.
A birth chart reading is lots of fun and deeply insightful. You are welcome to ask any questions, about any area of life, at any time. Kirilly is skilled at reading your chart technically and psychically.


Transit readings happen when astrologers compare the positions of the planets across time to your birth chart.

‘Transit readings’ can tell us any number of things going on for you, at a certain time, whether it be form the past, the present or in the future.


  • Relationship charts are for any type of relationship: family, friends, lovers, partners, peers, co-workers, house-mates etc..
  • Relationship charts can also be for non human entities, such as a business or an asset class like crypto-currency.
  • If you would like a relationship reading, please bring to the reading the birth details of the other persons or entities. And please do your best to have the exact time of birth of all parties.
  • A 90 minute reading is recommended for relationship chart readings.

Below is a description of different types of relationship charts. NB: You don’t need to know which charts you would like to work with in your astrology reading. Kirilly will figure this all out. All you need to know is your questions.

Synastry Charts

Involve comparing your individual charts for

  • Compatibility
  • How each individual experiences the relationship
  • How each person influences the other
  • How each person dreams the other up (holographic projections, transference etc..)
  • Roles that may come into play

Composite Charts

Involves combining your individual charts into one chart and speaks to

  • The potentials of a ‘consciously unified’ relationship.
  • The purpose, strengths, challenges and karma of the relationship.
  • A composite chart reading is recommended for those wanting to commit to a relationship or find out more about their committed relationship.
  • As well, a composite chart is recommended for those seeking to enter into a contract with another.

Transit Charts

Transit charts allow us to see into the past~present~future of the relationship.


For those looking for a 1:1 tutorial about chart reading


Can include a ‘Solar Return’ chart reading. Gift cards are available!


Many clients request a chart reading to find when is the best time to get married, start a business, host an event, launch a book etc.


A blend of astrology and psycho-therapy for specific matters; physical through to non physical.

7. What can I expect from a 90 min, 60 min or 45 min astrology reading?

THE 90 MINUTE ASTROLOGY READING – An in-depth reading!

The 90 minute reading is the standard reading and ideal for an in-depth reading.

In this reading Kirilly will explore your soul journey questions in depth and take the time to:

  • hold space while you share your experiences. NB: Kirilly is a highly skilled therapist that will take care of you in whatever it is you have to share, in confidentiality.
  • explain the deeper psycho dynamics of inter-generational patterning, karmic (Past Life) and dharmic (Soul’s Greatest Expansion) realities
  • as well as offer guidance for future movements
  • If you have other charts to explore, such as your childrens, parents, partners etc.. a 90 minute reading is ideal as more charts require looking at a number of blends of charts and thereby takes longer.

The 90 minute reading is highly recommended for those:

  • having a first time reading with Kirilly.
  • who know that they’d like to cover quite a bit of ground in the reading.
  • who would like to explore relationship charts.
  • that would like to take the time and space to explore what comes up in the reading.
  • that would like to look at past life influences and how that is affecting your life trajectory. This is the karma/dharma axis of the Moon’s Nodes.
  • that would like to understand their birth chart and know something about the past, present and future (transits).

THE 45 MINUTE ASTROLOGY READING – A quick fire Q&A session!

The 45 minute reading appeals to those that are in a hurry for answers.

Kirilly recommends that you have your questions ready before the session begins and get set to enjoy a quick fire Q&A session.

Kirilly will give you the ‘headline news’ and not do too much explaining.

These kinds of sessions can be lots of fun!

THE 60 MINUTE ASTROLOGY READING – An opportunity to focus!

The 60 minute reading is an opportunity to focus the exploration on one or two areas of life.

Kirilly recommends that you prepare for this session by knowing what it is that you would like to focus on.

Kirilly will answer your questions succinctly, as well as take the time to explain some things in greater depth if need be.

Alternatively, you might be new to astrology and just like to receive an introduction to understanding your astrology chart.

What type of
Astrology Readings
are available?

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Soul Journey Reading
Birth Chart Reading
Transit Reading
Relationship Reading
Date Setting
'How to read a chart' Tutorial
Solar Return (Birthday) Charts
Gift Cards available

8. How do we meet?

  • We meet online
  • Typically we meet via Zoom.
  • Alternatively we can meet via Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or mobile phone (audio only). Though Zoom is ideal.

9. Can I record the reading?

Answer: Yes

  • You can record the reading (video and audio) via Zoom from your computer. The recording will be available in the Cloud after the reading ends.
  • NB: You cannot record the reading from your phone or iPad unless you have already installed an internal recording app.
  • If you would like to receive your reading on a phone or iPad and want to record it, please be ready with another device to record the reading.
  • Kirilly recommends audio recordings on phones. Though keep in mind that if you are intending to make a room recording from your speakers, that you won’t be able to receive the reading via headphones.
  • Please be ready with your recording solution before the reading starts.
  • Kirilly is not responsible for your recording but will do all she can to support you recording your astrology reading.

10. How do I book an astrology reading?

  1. Just click any of the ‘Book Here’ buttons on this page.
  2. A calender will pop up!
  3. Choose a date and time.
  4. Then you will be guided to make an online payment with your debit or credit card.

It’s a very easy and uncomplicated process!

Alternatively, you can email us directly to make a booking

11. Can I purchase a gift card?

Answer: Yes

  1. Write to
  2. Request a gift certificate for 45 mins, 1 hour or 90 mins
  3. Tell us if you would like a digital ‘gift certificate’.
  4. If so, let us know who the gift certificate is for and who it is from.
  5. The gift certificate recipient can email us to make an appointment
  6. Gift certificates are valid for 2 years.
  7. They are transferable and non-refundable.

12. How much does the astrology reading cost?

The payment is set in Australian dollars (AUD).

Not Australian?

You will be guided in the payment process to pay in your currency at the mid market rate, which is the best, most equivalent rate for currency exchange for the day.

Daily currency rates are changing all the time and with Uranus in Taurus, there is a lot of volitivity in the market. Please understand that the prices quoted here in US dollars (USD) are just a guide and will fluctuate by the day.

NB: the USD/AUD price comparison quoted below was last updated on 16/10/2023 (Google) and will be updated sporadically.

  • The 90 minute astrology reading AUD $270 USD $170
  • The 60 minute astrology reading AUD $200 USD $115
  • The 45 minute astrology reading AUD $160 USD $100

People living in Australia

Due to the Australian dollar plummeting, Kirilly would like to offer you a discount. This will bring the cost of the reading back to where it was before the Australian dollar crashed. Which is the same price it has been for many years now.

Please email Kirilly at to make a booking with the discount. Then Kirilly will send you a payment link.

  • The 90 minute astrology reading AUD $270 w/ discount AUD $240
  • The 60 minute astrology reading AUD $200 w/ discount AUD $180
  • The 45 minute astrology reading AUD $160 w/ discount AUD $145

Are you from a low GDP country and are in genuine need of a discount?

If so, Kirilly would like to extend a discount to you. Please email Kirilly at to discuss the situation.

13. What is the best email contact?

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a gift card, email

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Would you like to talk
about something sensitive
& in-depth?

Kirilly is a highly skilled and intuitive reader.

Able to combine her visionary capacities with grounded spirituality and professional psychological training.

Kirilly has been a practicing astrology for 26 years and has been in private practice as a counselling therapist for 16 years.

Kirilly holds a B. Sci (Psych.) (Hons.) and has 10 years of post-graduate training in the field of psychotherapy.

Kirilly specialises in a dynamic style of transpersonal, shamanic and process oriented counselling. To find out more click here

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