Learn how to Steady your Alignment so that you can Manifest Your Dreams

MARS Rx inspired ONLINE WORKSHOP w/ Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess September 18th/19th – November 13th/14th 2020

In this 9-week online course, you will learn:

Skills in self-discipline, focus and alignment (healthy masculine) that are deeply nourishing for your Soul (healthy feminine) and Spiritual Path (unification).

How to recognise ‘true desire’ and realise that effortlessly.

How to manifest in harmony with your Higher Self and the Universe, for the benefit of all beings.

How to take care of yourself, so as to realise your dreams through the Ray of Love (Love of Self and All Being).

And most importantly, how to have fun along the way and be happy, come what may.

Are you ready to commit 100% to strengthening and empowering yourself throughout this Mars Rx phase?

How often do we hear alignment teachings that sound great?

Get into Alignment – Raise your Vibration – Go with the Flow – Meditate – Follow the Path of Most Allowing – Look for Signs – Manifest – Let Go – Follow Your Intuition – Release Self Limiting Beliefs – Transform Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking – Joy is the Key – Be the Change you want to see in the World

But then wonder, “Well how do I actually do that?”

Kirilly has designed this ‘9-week Mars Rx inspired’ workshop to support you realise your dream/s through alignment practices, ie: Kirilly will give you tools that will be with you for the rest of your life so you can be confident in your capacity to realise your dreams.

Did it ever strike you that ‘The Law of Attraction’ was superficial, materialistic and non-spiritual, ‘clap trap’?

Did you know, that almost all of what you hear from a master teacher like Abraham Hicks has its basis in Universal Spiritual Teachings?

Kirilly has designed this 9 weeks, ‘Manifest Your Dreams’ workshop to bridge that gap, so that realising your goals, wishes, desires, dreams is part and parcel of your spiritual practice.


Throughout this 9-week sojourn, we will be combining universal wisdom teachings, personal explorations, community engagement and energy and awareness practices from a number of traditions, including:

Hatha Yoga

Classical Tantrik Yoga

Qi Gong/ Tai Chi

To ground your dreams into reality! To bring Heaven down to Earth

Course Overview

Sept 18/19


Guided Meditation

Course Foundations

Foundational Practice:

Introduction to the ‘Yoga of Alignment’

NB: This practice will activate the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus, ‘Manipura’) to develop one’s ‘spiritual fire’ – determination, concentration, commitment and will power. As well, this practice will activate the 6th Chakra (The Third Eye, ‘Ajna’ Chakra) for vision, clarity (intuition). When these two chakras are activated and aligned together, we cultivate ‘single pointed focus’ – a must for any warrior (manifestor/creator). As well, to a lesser extent, we will work with the 4th Chakra (Heart Centre, ‘Anahata’) combined with the 7th Chakra (Crown Centre, ‘Sahasrara’) for awakened devotion to the tutelary deity of this workshop- Galactic Ganesha- The remover of Obstacles!

It’s good to have friends in high places!

Sept 25/26


Guided Meditation

Preparation for 7-week daily ritual

Foundational View

Manifesting from a place of Non-Division

Oct 2/3



Foundational View

2.  True Movement

3. The recognition of ‘That’ which is seeking to be realised through YOU.

4. Co-creating with Spirit

The Yoga of accomplishment is based on this formula

(The proper alignment of) Practice + View = Fruit

Oct 9/10

Fruit 1:

Guided Meditation

Foundational View

When Practice, View and Fruit are all the same thing!

5. Happiness is an inside Job!


Some Might say ‘Adulting’

What is it and why is it so important?

How to get into and stay in ‘Alignment’

Following the ‘Wu Wei’ (The Tao)

Oct 16/17

Fruit 2:

Standing Practice

(Loosening, Releasing, Grounding)

Obstacles to Well-Being

Obscuration (Lifting the veils) – Conditions/ Programs –

Samskaras – Self-limiting Beliefs – Negative Thinking

How to ‘Get out of own Way’

Tips and Tricks for the Wise Warrior

Oct 23/24

Fruit 3:

Standing Practice

(Loosening, Releasing, Grounding)

‘The Game of Creation’

‘What is it that you want to Realise’


‘What is it that wants to be realised through you?

Essence Level Awareness

Keys: Frequency coding and tuning

Oct 30/31

Standing Practice

(Loosening, Releasing, Grounding)

Circular Movements

(Flow, Balance, Harmony)

Own Your Power of Creation

Super Cosmic Assignment Preparation

The Golden Thread

Nov 6/7

Standing Practice

(Loosening, Releasing, Grounding)

Circular Movements

(Flow, Balance, Harmony)

Exploring the ‘The Golden Thread’ and other

Fantastic, ‘Inter-Galactic’ Adventures in Consciousness

Nov 13/14

Guided Meditation


Closing: The Way Truth Moves

Your Benefits Of The Workshop

Duration: 3+ hours a week

Where:  We gather together on Zoom for a 3-hour workshop, once a week. Please check out your local times here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Additional Resources:

Replay: All workshops will be recorded to the Zoom cloud and will be available for viewing within hours of the workshop ending.

24/7 Online Community Forum:

For the whole 9 weeks, the Majestic Martians and the Wonder-Field Warriors will combine their super powers in a private, online community forum. Here we can connect, share and support one another. As well, members can make arrangements for break-away dyads/triads and small groups to explore any of the many inter-galactic activities together.

NB: Both groups will meet in the same forum ‘space’.

An important note on ‘Time Management’:

Daily practice requirement:

There will be a yogic practice (ritual) as a core component of this course, that must be done daily for 7 weeks, starting on Sep 28/29- when Saturn turns direct.

It will start out as a 2 min/ day practice and gradually build up over 7 weeks to be a 20 minute a day practice.  If you feel you cannot commit to this amount of daily practice each day then this course is not for you, at this time.

If you’re unsure if you can commit, then please follow your inner guidance. NB: Once you commit to your daily practice, you will have the support of myself and the community to be well in that.

NB: As Mars Rx is squaring Saturn & Co in Capricorn, there must be a ‘no pain, no gain’ element/ flavour to this workshop. The mandatory practice will provide the grit and like with all things Saturn, done well, it too will provide miracles!


This Mars Rx time is a wonderful opportunity to work from the inside out to

Develop and deepen the ground from which we move

Strengthen and empower ourselves

Hone our focus

And take aim

Open learning:

At a minimum, I recommend that you allow 30 mins a day/most days, to be ‘in the flow’ of the workshop work. I will be setting homework after each session, though most of it will be simple observances in the flow of daily life, that you can journal.

If you have more time and would like to go deeper into the activities with others, I’ll have a number of homework suggestions where you can self-organise,  in the online community to give and receive support, in exploring any activities offered.

And of course, all the Martian Warriors are free to enjoy the bounty of the online forum to their hearts content, either by sharing some fascinating insights, news, participating in discussions and so on. 

Super Cosmic Assignment- Weeks 8-10 

I will share with you the assignment in the first workshop. I recommend, 6 loving hours devoted to this exploration, though you can make of it what you will.

So, in effect you may want to allow a minimum of 30 mins/ most days to be in the flow of the workshop or at a maximum, you may like to enjoy 1-2 hours/ day to be in the flow of the workshop  or mix it up and keep things humming along minimally and then deepen into the work when you have more time, like on the weekends.

Throughout the ‘Mars Rx square Saturn &Co’, inspired workshop, you will benefit from:

The dynamic and harmonious interplay of

Structure and flow

Focus and ease

Knowledge and skills

Responsibility and freedom

Inner and outer – structuring and discipline

Active and passive – application

Giving and receiving – support

Meeting yourself and others in the work and in the zeitgeist (the spirit of the times).

Developing your ‘life skills’ tool box

A supportive learning environment


A supportive learning environment

In the spirit of thee exciting upcoming Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, we now have:

A 24/7 online community space (container), where we can gather, share ideas and inspirations and develop our knowledge and skills base.

NB: Most of the astrology talk will happen here, behind the scenes, so that we can maximise our precious workshop time together to receive knowledge and guidance on, how to work during the week to get a feel for the knowledge.

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