The First Law of Nature- ‘Reciprocity’

The month ahead looks magnificent as we dream into more conscious ways of manifesting abundance by abiding by the first ‘Law of Nature’- ‘reciprocity’ or ‘equal give and take’. Not that any one is counting score or reducing ‘The Way’ to a game of ‘tit for tat’. Rather, it is of the essence that we remember ourselves as Nature, ceaselessly inter-playing in the game of creation, abundance and manifestation by offering and receiving in ways that truly honour ourselves and all beings.

Black Moon Lilith & Sedna

This New Moon in Taurus is so fascinating as it’s closely conjunct Black Moon Lilith and dwarf planet Sedna. These two goddesses have a number of qualities in common, in that they both, boldly defied the patriarchal imperative that would have them submit, even though they knew they were equals. Lilith and Sedna stood for their INDEPENDENCE, EQUALITY and WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT on pain of great sacrifice- EROTIC SACRIFICE.

What is it that is looking to be sacrificed?

In the video I tell the story of both Lilith and Sedna, whereupon this theme of sacrifice shows up 3 times:

1. Lilith (in Taurus) in a sex/power struggle with Adam (Dominance of the Patriarchy – Pluto in Capricorn) and must sacrifice her place in the Garden of Eden (Taurus) so that she may remain sovereign.
2. Sedna (in Taurus) is sacrificed by her father ((Pluto (Fate) in (the sign of the Patriarch) Capricorn)) whereupon, she
births the Sea mammals and is initiated/transformed into the (Mermaid) Queen of the Sea (Neptune in Pisces)
3. And even the Sea mammals willingly sacrifice themselves for the Inuit- This is the great love/ compassion of Nature (Death/Sacrifice- again Pluto/ Neptune).

Big waves (Neptune) of change (Pluto)

No surprises that Pluto in Capricorn is making a favourable trine to this month’s New Moon and Neptune in Pisces is making a favourable sextile to the New Moon. When I see Neptune and Pluto working together in the chart I call this the ‘Zeitgeist factor’. Meaning the ‘spirit of the times’ is upon us and there’s not a thing we can do about it. The collective blueprints – ‘the archetypes’ that underpin all forms, are on the move with the planet of sex, death, power, transformation and rebirth – Pluto.

Jupiter ingress’ into Pisces

Only 2 days after the New Moon is exact, Jupiter ingress’ out of the tropical sign of Aquarius and into Pisces, where he’ll remain until July 27/28, whereupon Jupiter will ingress back into Aquarius until the end of the year. So that’s’ Jupiter in Pisces for the next 2 and ½ months. This is an incredibly auspicious placement for lucky and expansive planet Jupiter, in the sign that Jupiter traditionally ruled. It’s actually a super dooper Pisces time, with both of Pisces rulers- Jupiter and Neptune in their dignity. Wow! All of us will be experiencing a heightened, expanded, grander sesnse of something extra magickal somewhere in our lives- check where these planets are in your chart! And hopefully all beings are blessed with great compassion at this time.

I hope you all have a wonderful month ahead.

With all my Heart



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