Get ready for Mars Rx (Recordings)


Event: Get ready for Mars Rx

Live 2 (+1) hour presentation and Q&A

with Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

You will receive all recordings of the live event

No previous astrology knowledge required

Mars Rx: “They say forewarned is forearmed”

  • Event Access
  • Private Group
  • Private Q&A Section
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Live 2 (+1) hour presentation + Private Group & Forum Access

with Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

**No previous astrology knowledge required**

Mars Rx: “They say forewarned is forearmed”

Given the intensity of the challenges we are yet to face in 2020, ideally we will want to prepare and not just survive what is up ahead but thrive.

By joining us for this very special, one time only online 2 hour event, you can expect to receive:

  • An eye in on the future – what to expect from now till the end of the year
  • Guidance – on how to succeed and thrive in these here challenging times
  • The opportunity to ask questions to support you on your personal journey

Mars Rx: ‘The Making of the Great’

Topics covered:

  • What is Mars Rx
  • What happens when Lilith, Eris and Mars get together in Aries
  • The on-going saga of the Karmic Crunch Lords- Jupiter Saturn & Pluto- in Capricorn
  • And what to expect as these powerful cohorts go into challenging aspect with one another?
  • Where this is all heading, ie: truly exciting times ahead!

As well, there will be an extension 1 hour to

  • Go deeper and broader into question time and
  • Hear about a very special online event coming up to carry us through the full 10-week Mars Rx passage. Click here for more details

NB: By booking your place to this very special online event, ‘Get Ready for Mars Rx’, you will have access to:

  • The ‘Get Ready for Mars Rx’ private online group and forum and any additional materials post event.
  • Access to the video replay of the live presentation and discussion.
  • NB: for those that can only stay for the first 2 hours, you can catch the third hour on the replay

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