Total Lunar Eclipse

Sagittarius Full Moon

I am open to receiving the blessings of Spirit
26th May 2021

This is the most powerful lunar eclipse of the year, in the sign of positivity, expansion and growth.

Ideally, this lunar event is a time to sit in silence and simply be in presence awareness. Though, if you are unable to sit at the exact time of the eclipse- no worries! Try to find a time heading into the eclipse to embody peace and set forth your intention. If you don’t have any specific intention its perfectly OK to ask Spirit,

‘Great Spirit, I ask that you release all that no longer serves me and restore me to all that does.’

As well, the opportunity is there to fully ritualise the whole eclipse window, from the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse, the 26th May 2021, through to the conclusion of the Annular Solar Eclipse, 2 weeks later on the 10th June 2021.  

The Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible in its entirety to those watching from the Pacific Ocean and all of Central and Eastern Australia, nonetheless, all of us will be privy to its effects. Though for some, these eclipses may be particularly transformative, especially if you have planets or sensitive points in your natal chart that are conjunct, square, opposite or trine the Total Lunar Eclipse (5 deg 25’ Sagittarius) and/or the Annular Solar Eclipse (19 deg 47’ Gemini) within a range of  0-2 degree applying to 0-1 ½ degrees separating. In which case, I recommend that those who’s birth charts are directly impacted by the Total Lunar Eclipse and/ or the Annular Solar Eclipse, gift yourself the time and space to be in presence awareness throughout the whole eclipse window.  And like the archer, at this Full Moon in Sagittarius – focus your arrow of purpose and direction and at the Gemini New Moon- give voice to the vision that has been birthed in you.


Some of us may feel the effect of these eclipses for days or weeks.  Others, especially those of us whose natal birth charts are strongly activated by these eclipses, may feel the effects for many months, even years.


The Saros Series (5 North)

Keep in mind too, that these eclipses belong to a family of eclipses, known as the saros series, that are foretold by master astrologer Bernadette Brady to be:

  • A very unusual Saros Series involving
  • sudden flashes of ideas that seem to have a psychic or unconscious flavour to them
  • Hunches, visions, prophetic dreams are the essence of this family of eclipses
  • A truly creative series which should leave the individual enriched
  • The ideas or hunches which come from this eclipse can be acted upon

Hmmm… yes, I’m looking forward to marinating in these energies. I hope you are too!

Also, keep in mind that the rest of this Total Lunar Eclipse astrology chart and the ongoing aspects of this eclipse window are fraught with disparaging energy lines, as well as divinely inspired gifts of Spirit, so we will need to apply some skill in how we marinate in these energies.


Allow all that comes to come and all that needs to fall away to fall away. Be an open channel for Spirit to speak her Vision through us. Try not to baulk. Don’t run away. Do not resist. He may come forth in fits and bursts and demonstrate all manner of expressions. Let Him Be. Let Her Scream. Let Them Down. Let Them Know. What comes through may not be to our liking or satisfaction yet will be exquisite and beyond measure.

Trust. Keep the Faith. All in Process.


Typically, the Total Lunar Eclipse is a time of heightened emotional sensitivity. Like a rising tide, issues from the past that have laid dormant may re-surface and want to be released. And when I say the past, this could mean, in the last few months, years or even lifetimes. Though how these emotions express themselves could be rather fiery, as this is a Sagittarius Full Moon and it is experiencing a stressful aspect from firey Mars in the super sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer. Defensive, emotive, dramatic, egoic, ‘king of the heap’ battles might just be the flavour of this Total Lunar Eclipse. If we find ourselves in such happenings, it’s probably better to take a sporty, Sagi, ‘process approach’ to any conflicts and appreciate them for the opportunity that they are, to discharge emotional, intellectual and/or energetic tension.

So, how does a fired-up water sign argue with a loony fire sign?

Moody, crabby, ‘Mars in Cancer’ would prefer to hold on to its emotions and go hide under a rock somewhere and evade confrontations but I don’t think that will be possible, nor ideal at this Total Lunar Eclipse. Better to just get out some towels and place them over the carpet and furniture and let this baby blow! Topics that are dear to this usually placid and creative homeboy’s heart are his feelings, fantasies, visions, dreams, memoires, music, art, friends, pets, home, family, belonging, history, ancestry and stamp collection.

Alternatively, as in on an altogether ‘totally different wavelength’, there are a number of topics that could flare up Sag’s heat and need to be right, especially along the lines of religion, philosophy, sport, law, culture, international affairs, politics, travel. As usual, it’s always important for Sag to remember that being right isn’t always the wisest approach to human interactions. This crab is super sensitive and may just want to emote and care not about the right-ness of things as much as the colour, feel, volume, mood, tone, sub-tone, sub-sub-sub tone and undulating, underlying ambience of the situation!


Collective currents of the South Node in Sagittarius

As it is a lunar eclipse conjunct the South Node, it could spell emotional overload for the collective, this may manifest as sorrowful environmental or field phenomena.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a great source of trauma for many at this time, as warring factions (Mars opposite Pluto) from two very old tribes/cultures/religions (The South Node { collective past/karma } – in Sag { tribal, culture, religious } fight over hallowed homelands (Mars in Cancer disposited by a Sag Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse). It’s not surprising that this awfulness has erupted in and around the time of this Total Lunar Eclipse.  And if these astrological omens are anything to go by, this eclipse should signal a peak and release moment in this current conflict.

Though, given the above predictions by Bernadette Brady, it would seem that this eclipse window is not just a time for the world soul to purge all that no longer serves but also a creative cauldron to birth great works of art, literature and awakening. And with it, possibly a whole new rhetoric may emerge (care of Mercury Rx conjunct the Annular Solar Eclipse- New Moon in Gemini / North Node in Gemini). 

Keeping on the theme of Mercury, ruler of Gemini, ‘the puer aeterus’ or eternal youth, there is usually no inherent desire from younger generations to carry on the wars and conflicts of previous generations. The possibility is such, that a new generation of Mercuri-ally ‘light’ beings demand an end to the occupation. And restoration of the Holy Lands back to their former glory- as a cosmopolitan epicentre of mixed and diverse cultures, living side by side in mutual harmony, respect, cooperation, prosperity, celebration and devotion. A truly elegant society!

May all beings find ways to meet and form enduring bonds of friendship and co-operation throughout this eclipse season and beyond.

Unfortunately, I cannot leave the discussion of conflict here, as if the Middle East was the only focal point. For indeed, the Mars opposite Pluto- tectonic grind and all the many and varied sparks and cataclysms it may trigger are a collective happening, as they are moving through all of us, especially those with sensitive points in their natal chart at 25-27 degrees of Capricorn/Libra/Aries and/or 20-30 degrees of Cancer.

This Total Lunar Eclipse co-incides with the beginning of ‘Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn’. Pluto in Capricorn is pretty much ‘Death Star Inc.’- and just like the story of old Chronos (ruler of Capricorn), late-stage ‘Pluto in Capricorn’ represents the centuries old, brutal, dominator, invader, imperialist powers of the global elite, that won’t give over power, even though their intransigence will have us all dammed to Thanatos (Pluto)(Death). In a deadly battle with dispossessed Mars in Cancer, fighting for his home and right to belong, the atmos of this battle is sad and tragic, violent and harrowing. This is war.

We may not be at ground zero to experience the bleak and grim horrors of this transit of Mars to Pluto but many may experience something of it, be it in our dreams, the movies, media or art we consume and thereby attune to, or in our personal relationships. Keep in mind this ‘Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn’ aspect starts to build in its intensity from the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse and reaches its peak only days before the Annular Solar Eclipse, in other words, it’s a creeper, like an encroaching shadow, heavy with regret, remorse, anguish, meaninglessness, forsaken-ness, exhaustion.

It’s important to know about these energies ahead of time so that we can prepare ourselves to welcome these gods in whatever form they might appear, from a place of ‘compassion awareness’.

Compassion awareness fears not any visitor and is ‘right at home’ in the mystery.

Pluto is the agent of death- TRANSFORMATION – rebirth and at this time is here to do a number on Mars in Cancer. This Full Moon in Sag/ Total Lunar Eclipse, might just spell ‘time’ on how we understand and relate to notions of home, family and belonging. Quite simply, maybe some of us have outgrown our familiar patterns and places and may want to move to a new home or country. Maybe the soul has been longing for fresh new horizons for the heart-mind for some time but has felt burdened and duty bound to home/family. Maybe it’s the job, maybe its been too (un)comfortable for so long we forgot we had a set of arrows right next to us that we could launch anytime in the direction of our wildest dreams and desires. Maybe we’re over our safe secure tethering and feel the call to independent adventuring. As they say, ‘you only live once’ and ‘life is what you make of it’ and just in case you’re wondering, ‘they’ll be fine without you homeboy’. None of us are the Source of anyone else’s well-being, ie: if we are ‘staying’ from a place of guilt, fear, shame and/or misplaced care, duty or responsibilty, then maybe this eclipse window will provide the ‘smoking gun fight at noon’ to get you moving?

None of us are indebted to anyone, any system, any religion, any role, any side nor any position. If these eclipse energies can help anyone of us clear this level of cultural abuse/residue, then hoo-rar!

On that note, there is another strong aspect in play throughout this eclipse window and that is asteroid Pallas Athene conjunct Neptune in Pisces- this represents a kind of ‘Judgment Day’. I’m curious to know if this is still part of that heavy 2019/2020 (Saturn-Pluto) cycle we are alighting from. I’m pretty sure that it was the last eclipse window of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse – Sagittarius Solar Eclipse in December 2020, when ‘the jury came in’ at ‘the karmic court’ and all was said and done. But now, as I look at these aspects I’m wondering about atonement. Did those that pleaded ‘clemency’ at the karmic court of 2020, fulfill their rites of service and devotion? Or are we all to absolved of the past, no matter what role we played in it and privy to a general amnesty? Is there a place along the way of this eclipse journey where the karmic residues of the past can and/or will be washed away? And with the Sagittarius south node so prominent at this Total Lunar Eclipse, could such a grace exist as to wash away the ‘lawsuits’ (as they are called in the ‘I-Ching’)- old conflicts, especially those that have crossed generations, centuries and ages, especially those steeped in religious and cultural differences. Could there be a sweeping clear in the carnage?

As well, Jupiter in Pisces is the dispositor of the Sagi Full Moon/ Total Lunar Eclipse and it is a most, most, most auspicious placement for benevolence and compassion. Kind of like an angel-star to wish on, to pray on, to dream on, to dance on.

May all beings find their way back home to peace in their heart and be brave enough to make peace with old enemies and learn to live together in harmony.

May all the estranged return home to the truth of their essence nature and live that vibrantly, authentically and brilliantly.

May there be Peace on Earth.

The Sagittarius avatar is a centaur (half horse-half man) pointing an arrow up to the Sky- taking aim. But what at? The highest dream, goal, vision. The highest truth? This is what is of the essence for all of us at this time. If you could wish for just one thing, for all beings, here on Earth, what would it be? And given the very peculiar and delightful square from the Pallas Athene / Neptune conjunction in Pisces to the Venus and Mercury conjunction in Gemini, how might you communicate that?

There’s even more to speak to in this chart but I think I’ll leave things here for now and leave you to contemplate your dreams, wishes and intentions for yourself and the world at this time.

With all my Heart and a big dollop of friendship on top!



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