“I am a trustafarian”

says the Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse.

“I trust in the divine.

And this brings me endless bounty,

good fortune and grace.

It’s been quite the journey to arrive in this place

Of simply being

Resting in all seeing

Knowing that, all that can be done is done.

And all that can be gleaned, is gleaned.

Other worlds, other lifetimes.”

At some stage, the journey might have seemed

like this or that.

Though now it’s all ov thee above,

this and that.

Nothing is black and white.

Yet, decisions still need to be made.

Though when it comes to being a trusty-faery-on,

there’s only one decision in town!

And that’s to line up with Truth.

Truth Realisation.

Alignment with an inexplicable knowing.

Gnosis – Sagittarius.

A Higher Power.

A Higher Self.

Alignment with that which seeks to move.

All of us!

And tends in the direction of brilliance.

Human potentials.

Gory, gritty, greatness told

Nobody said, “It was meant to be easy”.

No shit 99!

Oh Capricornia, we won’t be missing you.

And at the same time, be forever grateful.

Our metal tested, tempered and strengthened.

Our heart-minds humbled, through adversity.

Just as we grow up,

from Mother Earth (embodiment)

to the Sky (spirituality).

Sky Father seeks to

‘know thyself’.

As you, as me, as her, as he.

Them, us and as all we can be.

And that’s more than good enough!

It’s really quite amaze!

Ponder that

and wander wonder more.

A walking Jivamukti

– an embodied awakening  


As in ‘all of it’.

My favourite word/ mantra of 2020

I say, “Yes”,

a.k.a, “Om”

I affirm

all of life

In all its shapes and colours.

In all its shame and glory.

Never to divorce the spiritual path

from my authenticity,

from my humanity.

Whether you’re peering through

the Venusian lens

– aka ‘The Divine Feminine’.

Or looking through the eyes of Mars.

Some call him

‘The Divine Masculine’

The journey may have ap-peer-ed different.

Different pathways. Different lessons.

Nonetheless, we’ve (weave) all been

zig-zagged into the same place.

Cosmic Reset!

This is a calling to one and all.

No matter what has come before.

Heading into this Sagittarius New Moon


Head out before the dawn

Anytime in the coming week will do.

1 hour before

the Sun doth rise

would be perfect.

Let yourself be guided to a place of sitting.

Draw up, sing up, pray up your medicine wheel

Mark the 4 cardinal points

– East, North, West and South

Call on your ancestors

and the ancestors of the land

And consecrate this sacred space

Ask that your ancestors,

to release all that does not serve you.

And bless you,

with all that does.

Enter via the eastern gate

Journey the circumference of the wheel

E, N, W, S

With as many orbits as you like,

one, two, three or four..

Complete the round

by stopping in the south –

the doorway through

to the (your) centre!

And now wait.

Wait for the rising Sun.

Sit, sing, drum, hum

All the while focusing on the east,

the eastern horizon.

Boom. Shanka. Shiva!

Here comes the birth of the new day.

The Sun, the brandished mirror, the creative seed.

New beginnings.

Summon the arrow of purpose and direction

And take aim.

In the direction of Self-Realisation

Self, with a capital, ‘S’


from which all things come


from which all things are


from which all things cease to be

Shiva dancing

Endless cycles of creation,

manifestation and destruction

And so it goes. And so it goes. And so it goes

The dance, the play.

The apotheosis of suffering.

Why oh why GOD!

(How good is blaming God?)

Why all this suffering?

What were you thinking?

A: Suffering was only ever intended

to be a feedback mechanism

to let you know,

that you’re out of alignment

with (me) Truth.

And yes, God can be a total B-arch

about these things,

a.k.a ‘karma’.

No matter how disparate

things may have seemed

over these past few years, at ground level.

Please keep in mind,

as you ponder what’s below.

We are all One God!

In all our

Almighty Messiness (sorry Virgo).

Praise be the Lord!

Venus, or ‘The Divine Feminine’

has been journeying her pathway

to empowerment by:

Recognising her long lost power.

And is now sovereign in all dimensions.

Her body. Her health. Her wealth.

Her sexuality, relationships

and place in society – Her status.

And most importantly, sovereign

in how she resides within herself

and honours her divine feminine powers

Feeling – Intuition

The Way

she traverses

the death grounds.

The birthing places.

She is a midwife.

She is a doula.

She is a creatrix.

She is a master.

And we’re right out of time

for any denial of her truth.

And so she sews her seeds

in the direction of true love, true knowing.

She’s a vessel of the Goddess.

And holds the temple

as she holds her boundaries,


She knows hEARTH rites,

she knows HERth ways,

she knows the Lore.

She knows her rights.

She knows her responsibilities.

She does not give way.

No longer an enabler.

She does not give permission,

nor blessings

To those that disrespect the Goddess.

For to give way is to weave the web threadbare

She holds the weave.

As she is weaved

again and again

and again.

Mars, or ‘The Divine Masculine’

has been journeying his pathway

to empowerment by:

Falling prey

and becoming lost unto himself.

Lost to the beat of the dying order.


Staying rutted in 3D.

Materialism, tribalism, cannibalism.

The attachments. So hard to resist.

So hard to let go.


Cutting corners, dropping the ball, making excuses.

Yet still ascends

and ascends and ascends,


But is in no position to hold office

in any true or meaningful sense.

And soon others, the brothers, begin to collude

and carry on the prevailing mythos.

“It’s okay. As long as we’ve got each others back.

We can get away with anything.”


Divine Justice came to town.

Right when you were messing around.

Didn’t see that coming?

And destroyed your false foundations

in the here and now.

Just so you might get a hint (wink wink)

of all that was false within.

So many have endured dark nights of the soul.

Terrors. Traumas. Waiting to be met.

This suffering belongs to nobody in particular,

No specific family member, no specific gender.

We are all divine masculine – divine feminine

Warrior/Lover, Sister/Brother Priest/Priestess.

Dealing with the threadbare social programming

of generations before.

For better or worse,

the family curse.

It’s time to leave the nest.

And seek out new resources

Some of us fell. Some of us rose.

Who knows?

The War of the Roses.

The legacy of the Mad King, killing all his wives.

And so many,

though not all divine masculines

have been on a path

to descension, chaos and ruin.

Learning ‘their’ lessons, hopefully.

And here now, at this

Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse

It’s time to let go.


I see a soldier coming back from war.

He’s on crutches. He’s burnt.

He can barely breathe.

He can barely walk.

And that’s just the physical damage

Soul/Psyche knows the real score


Some soldiers would rather

shoot themselves in the foot

than fight!

But with whatever strength

he has available to him now.

He walks away from that place,

never to return.

Facing the East, the new belonging.

The wounded/ healer/

teacher/ shaman is ready to teach.

“There’s no glory in war.”

Forever humbled to the Path of Peace.

Now that I’ve confronted

my own and others darkness-

the broken, dejected, distorted and unhealed.

I’m ready to start again.

I surrender this plane,

this pain

of ego separation

It’s simply not worth it.

To toil in vain.

Vanity, greed, envy, lust,

wrath, sloth and all types of


I mean deadly sins (crimes)…



Sickness, sadness.

It’s just a sign!

That I might not be well.

And in need of some healing.

There’s no shame in that.

Living out of alignment

with truth is painful!

No matter how comfortable.

For truly,

‘comfort zones’

are never comfortable,

for the soul that longs to expand.

It’s been a living hell.

An empty cell.


by all my fears.

And realising how

I’ve abused my powers,

has only led to tears.

Karmic Justice.

A time to surrender

to the divine order

And let this

cosmic re-balancing

act happen.

And use my time wisely.

Devil confronted. Devil digested!

I now hold dark and light.

I am transformed!

I seek to restore myself

and develop my foundations true.

And come into balance and harmony

with the divine feminine

and stop doing what I used to do.

For to not value her

is to disavow myself

and stay stuck. 

I am no longer the half man I used to be.

I am whole.

And I am no longer afraid,

to be afraid.

To be vulnerable.

To to be powerful.

I’m ready to be seen

I’m ready to be free.

And start the journey of healing

the lost and wandering soul.

I’m not growing up, I’m growing down.

A humbled version of myself

that seeks only the lowest ground.

With this, I now offer my gifts to the world

with gratitude and graciousness.

And this time round,

I’ll make the ground

From a place of non-division.

Unity is healing

Unity is my calling.

And this time round,

as I set upon my way,

my work, my relationships, my world.

I’m going to do things differently.

I wonder who I might become?

And for all that I have caused (karma)

I know I’ll be OK

As I forgive myself  and others

And appreciate

each and every day

And live a life in presence,

relishing in the essence of

True Beauty

The Here and Now.

I think I’m ready to be happy!

I give thanks for the gift of life.

And with this turn toward the East.

Upon this dark moon,

from all 4 corners ov thee Earth

brothers and sisters

will be looking to the Horizon.


Saying their prayers.

Speaking to the Eagle.

Speaking to the Ant.

Listening to the wind in the trees

Rugging up (as it might be very, very cold).

Some will be meditating.

Some, just waiting.

The birth of the new day.

The birth of the new year.

The birth of the New Aeon

is on the horizon.


With all my Heart,

Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess


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