This one is Xtra INTENSE, of course, it’s Scorpio! And the planetary ruler of Scorpio- Pluto, is stationed! This makes the power of Pluto extra intense and this Full Moon ultra intense!
I make mention in the video of Carl Jung’s concept of the ‘collective unconscious’- which, in astrology is ruled by Pluto. And how many of us may, at this Full Moon (or throughout the upcoming 5 month sojourn of Pluto Rx) experience an eruption (Full Moon opposite Uranus) of the (personal, ancestral, collective) unconscious.
The unconscious- that’s all the aspects of ‘psyche’ that are typically buried, hidden, repressed, denied, forgotton, out of sight-out of mind, disavowed, projected etc..
And with Pluto in Capricorn, all sorts of heavy states of void maybe looking for some attention- impoverishment, lack, loss, sorrow, morbidity, despair, flat-line, boredom, isolation (exile), dis-location, de-realisation, emptiness, aloneness, ageing, death. Woo hoo! What a party!
Not really. Not unless you’re an aghori yogi – a yogi that resides in cremation or burial grounds, eats of the flesh of the dead and embodies societies unconscious (taboos) as a pathway to liberation.
OK, so we may not be aghori yogis, but even then, we can make ground by countering our tendencies in our daily life away from incessant activities, vanities, doings, stimulation, consumption etc… and revel in the eternal, in all the lowest, darkest and densest places. For whatever it is that we think we can find in a yoga studio, we can also find in a rubbish dump 
It’s so easy to fall into the trap of unchecked egoism, identity, conformity and programming. Where we feel we need to do, be or become a certain version of ourselves with all the attendant bells and whistles of whatever our culturally programmed state of desire and dis-ease is driving us towards. And then to see what happens to us when that gets frustrated! Especially at times like now, given the restrictions of covid times.
With the Saturn-Uranus square being so prominant in 2021, a new order is attempting to emerge in our lives, only to be repeatedly challenged and hampered.
With the Pluto in Capricorn Rx period, we may need to face the futility of it all and start to let go of many aspects of our being that we have always thought were so important. And with this, we may realise that hanging on to certain ideas about ourselves or our lives, ambitions or drives is just- stressful and not really serving anything. And that the kindest and most sane thing we can do for ourselves is simply ‘let go’, in ways so complete, it may just feel like a ‘death’- death of the ego, identity, dream. And this is how we enter the death grounds. And yes, this can be depressing and cause for grieving. It can also be beautiful, peaceful and a wonderful relief!
And most importantly an opportunity to clear the ground of our lives- an epic declutter of our being, so that eternal presence may move us effortlessly and joyously in the direction of true freedom and realisation


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