RAINBOW PHOENIX ASCENSION – New Moon in Virgo 17th Sept 2020 Sept – Oct ASTROLOGY ♍

Happy New Moon in Virgo month.

September- October ASTROLOGY 2020

Here are some of the stand out aspects happening in the New Moon in Virgo chart, which seeds the lunar month ahead.

NB: To honour the sign of Virgo, I’ve made a list 

Mars Rx in Aries (conjunct Eris and Lilith in Aries, squaring Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn-> the karmic crunch lords):

Mars Rx: 9th/10th Sept- 13th/14th Nov 2020

external battles, struggles and stresses are likely to have unexpected consequences

If you shoot, expect that arrow to turn back around and shoot you

As well. any past karma on this front, is likely to land! Be grateful- this is a karmic balancing act.

Mars Rx favours turning inwards (doing the inner work) and re-aligning your focus, purpose and direction in accordance with your higher self (soul, atman). 

‘As above, so below’- work from the inside out, so that by the time Mars goes direct in November, you’ll be poised, in your power (aligned with Spirit) and be able to move with ease, elegance and precision to make your mark.

Don’t fritter away this opportunity, to do the inner work, on external dramas, chaos and fighting. This is a distraction and a waste of energy, when you could be resting, re-calibrating and planning your next moves, from a deeper, truer, more divinely guided place.

Unless of course, you have done this work and are apt to manoeuvre on the battle field in non-ordinary ways

Also, retrogrades are a time of reversals, so this could be an interesting time for the timid to find their strength, courage and power to forge ahead. 

Or those born with Mars Rx may just NOT stumble over themselves in this period as they move in the direction of what they are going for.

But still there are so many challenges in the field, with Mars conjunct Eris (Goddess of Chaos, Discord & Strife) and Lilith (Sovereign Goddess of untamed, instinctual, sexual prowess and erotic sacrifice). All these energies combined are as predictable and containable as wild fires.

As well, Mars, Eris and Lilith in Aries are squaring Saturn and Pluto in the dying days of their Capricorn Rx phase. The worst is almost over folks! This karmic cycle that’s been in control since April 2019 is coming to a close. 

The cogs are turning, ever so slowly in the direction of putting one foot in front of the other to build a whole new life, from a whole new consciousness. Whether you are celebrating this or are being pummelled and dragged to your new life, kicking and screaming, means nothing to the Universe that loves you!!!

Ideally you will want to make use of this Mar rx phase to get with the program and steady and ready yourself for the new.

Jupiter direct: 

A wonderful new cycle of expansion and growth has just begun, though it may take a month or two to feel the momentum of it.

If there was nothing in the way, how would you see yourself in all your glory by say, Feb/ March/ April next year?

Saturn Stationary retrograde:

Closing out:

The Lord of Time (Saturn) says ‘time to close things out’! It’s done. Finished.

Those timelines only exist in your Mind and if you continue to parlay in entertaining these mind ghosts, you may stay stuck and dwindling in limbo.

Ask your guides for help to let go of the past and align you with presence awareness and enjoy not knowing and still feeling safe, secure and well.

New Moon in Virgo trining Saturn stationed Rx:

It’s a great time to do a sober (no BS) accounting of where you are at in all areas of life.

Cosmic / karmic report card time!

If you love astrology, run around the houses in your chart 1-12 and give yourself a grade and short report, like it was a school report card. Practice being honest, clear and fair in your assessment and give positive, clear guidelines to yourself on how to move ahead. Be the loving, though no BS style of teacher that Saturn is, for yourself <3

And in two weeks’ time when Saturn goes direct, you have my blessings to burn your Cosmic/ Karmic report card , confident in the knowledge that ‘your inner being does not look back!’

Enjoy observing the Universe do the heavy lifting of re-balancing the scales in your life.

It’s a great time to de-tox on any and every level of being- internal and external, from the gross dimensions of embodiment all the way out to the most subtle, even causal! 

Rituals of purification are a winner! And with this trine, you should have the discipline to clean sweep your aura/ karma <3

And most importantly, when doing, especially when doing a clean up job, remember to undertake all actions from a place of love for yourself and all being. It’s called ‘judgement without judgement’!

You are perfect with all your imperfections VIRGO NEW MOON square SATURN RETROGRADE!

Uranus Rx in Taurus, as the apex to a T-square with the Moon’s Nodes and the New Moon in sesqui-quadrant to Uranus:

Huh, try reading that sentence out loud!

OK… yes, that’s a lot of words to simply say, ‘chaos!’…

hmmm…  or more accurately, ‘shitshow’!

So, what to do, considering that in large part, what’s going on (ie: the shitshow) is out of our hands. Best to grab our proverbial, ‘chill pills’ and strap in for the ride!

This is the aspect that’s making this New moon feel more like Full Moon- quite intense. 

And with it being a New Moon, these next few days could be the opening of a whole new can of worms or

Provide the necessary upheavals, to give us that one last ‘heave ho’, out of the comfort zone and into ‘…………(sound of crickets)………’ 

If you haven’t mastered the art of growing wings mid-flight, then now would be a good time to summon that kind of superpower 😀

Though I have it on good advice, that some need simply to, ‘grow some legs’ and practice the Taoist way, known as,  ‘A path made by walking’ 

And/or learn to bend time, mid rollercoaster ride- that’s always fun! “Whee!”

Golly gosh, with all this going on, one could be forgiven for thinking that ‘The Universe is piling it on’ or ‘pulling us in numerous directions/ dimensions at once’. What a time to find your centre amidst all of this and focus into the stillness from within,  which underpins and enlivens all of this.

Hmmm… ‘centred in chaos’ blessings to you all

With all my heart,



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3 years ago

oh hey for the intro song
… for the rest
I love the Pisces-Virgo axis (my nodes) even though they are killing me softly

3 years ago

Interestingly, the Greek version of this song is a reiteration of the story of cloud nymph Nephele. The song talks about two young angels falling in love and chasing/teasing/trying to seduce Nephele, who Zeus finally turns into a cloud so that they cannot find her. The myth on the other hand has Zeus creating Nephele in the image of Hera in order to test the goddess’ claim that King Ixion tried to violate her. King Ixion is fooled and violates Nephele (the phantom of Hera) who eventually gives birth to the Centaurs!!! King Ixion is chained into a wheel of fire for eternity!!!! Fun 🙂

Hera Nova
3 years ago
Reply to  Dafni

Wow, wonderful music, the singer’s voice is so rich and full.

Hera Nova
3 years ago

Looking forward to the workshop! I need the discipline hahaha

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